Dear America and especially Sag Harbor,
Land of the Free and Home of the Brave...

It is with heartfelt emotion that we will forever thank you all. We are overwhelmed with all the love, honor and support from Sag Harbor and all the surrounding communities. You have poured your hearts out to honor Jordan for which we are so grateful. Our cup runneth over... and it does not end... We are still hearing more wonderful stories, but cannot possibly learn of all the caring, detail and planning that everyone mastered so beautifully to bring Jordan honorably home to his Sag Harbor, a cradling safe harbor.

We have received many cards, thoughts and prayers for Jordan and our families.
They have come from all over our nation, 9/11 families, family of sons in Jordan’s unit,
His commanding officers and Marines from Iraq. We have learned the lessons again
of compassion,love and honor. Thanks to all of you.
Marines from Jordan’s Ist Battalion, 9th Marines or their families, Veterans, dignitaries. People we did not even know, who just felt a need to connect with us all came here to Sag Harbor to honor Jordan. The Lyles, Haerter and Jonat families arethankful to everyone who generously and with love, gave us food, flowers, housing and help in any way they could.
To Jordan's cherished class of 2006 - We honor you. You were given the hardest job and you flourished! You sang two beautiful songs, so appropriate and so meaningful. We were amazed at your strength. We borrowed that strength from you. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts...
We want to extend our thanks to the United States Marine Corps who gave our families such careful consideration, tradition, precision, honor and ceremony. The Marines are a true brotherhood of which Jordan was a proud member and we are now forever linked.
Thank you to every Fire Department and Police Department. As the motorcade passed through each village we saw beautiful, wondrous flag displays, each carefully orchestrated. Volunteer Firemen standing straight and tall, Police Officers lined in formation, Veterans saluting as we drove by. We saw small children holding flags hand in hand, everyday ordinary people taking the time to stand alongside the roadways with hand held over their hearts. Thank you for enduring the rain.
I thank everyone for the long hours, your vigilance, traffic control and untold extra logistics.
A heartfelt thank you,

JoAnn Lyles and her family
Nicole Jonat and her family
The Haerter family